For the first time in 16 months we’re posting Daily Expedition Reports from Iceland. This simple act—the ordinary telling of the truth about an expedition day, as we have for decades—feels momentous. We are jumping for joy—knowing National Geographic Explorer is on the move and guests are having the extraordinary experiences we have waited so long to provide.  – The Lindblad Expeditions Team

What a thrill! Our first full day in Iceland and we were all lucky enough to go deep inside the Langjokull Glacier, the longest glacier in Iceland. Some of us also experienced the lovely waterfalls Hraunfoss and Barnafoss, while others travelled to the Krauma Geothermal Baths. Inside the glacier, our local guide said, “The beauty about glaciers is that they are almost alive.” Glaciers are the builders of the land, creating landscapes, working like a bulldozer to carve out deep valleys that become fjords, leaving huge erratic boulders in their wake, and moving mountains to create moraines. What an honour to witness such an impressive creation—a reminder that the land is alive as are we!