Making a Difference

Using the power of travel to make a positive impact

Lindblad Expeditions cares deeply about the planet and is proud to serve as a catalyst for meaningful change.

Traveling with Lindblad means traveling for good

Building on a legacy of over 50 years as a leader in responsible travel and sustainability, Lindblad is a 100% carbon neutral company committed to green business operations and preserving our planet for future generations. Lindblad has raised more than $19 million from curious and committed travelers since 1997 to protect the ocean, conserve wildlife, bolster local communities, and enable meaningful scientific research. By bringing travelers face-to-face with wildness and inspiring them to care, Lindblad creates planetary stewards every day.

Learn how our curious, impassioned travelers are helping to create a positive future for the planet's people and places

LEX-NG Fund Impact Report