Science at Sea

Taking knowledge further

Get an inside look at innovative science and conservation projects

The ships in the Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic fleet are not only equipped for adventure—they also host important research and conservation work as part of our Visiting Scientist Program. This innovative initiative allows scientists to use the fleet as a platform to build and foster their research endeavors in places like Antarctica, the Arctic, and the Galápagos. 

The Visiting Scientist Program has been active aboard our fleet for years, and in response to the program’s popularity with our guests, we are expanding it for the upcoming travel seasons. Now, more travelers than ever before can voyage alongside fascinating researchers, enjoy talks on their findings, and in some instances participate in the scientific process through activities such as data collection.  

Learn more about the projects hosted on upcoming departures, and join one of our scientists at sea. 

New and Ongoing Research Projects

Guest Speakers Program

In addition to the scientists and researchers who join our voyages, we host a range of fascinating experts from the worlds of literature, music, photography, and politics as part of our Guest Speakers Program. These renowned individuals offer in-depth insights and compelling conversations, helping you connect more deeply to the people, places, and wildlife along your journey.

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