Explore With National Geographic

When Lindblad Expeditions first set sail more than 50 years ago, travel information was found at the turn of a page rather than the click of a button. For our founder, Sven Lindblad, the key to providing travelers with the world's most authentic experiences lay in the pages of National Geographic magazine and its archive of fascinating species and cultures from the far corners of the globe.

For the past two decades, Lindblad Expeditions has collaborated with National Geographic to enhance the experiences we offer our guests through the power of our shared purpose. Together, we strive to reveal the beauty and wonder of the world through immersive travel in wild places—to help people see our planet through a new lens and think differently about our role in protecting it. We are excited to announce the extension and global expansion of our strategic relationship with National Geographic through 2040. To learn more, click HERE.

When you step on board the Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic fleet, you step into the pages of National Geographic magazine—and you access all the resources that stem from our shared legacy in exploration. 

The Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic Fleet

Our ships bear the National Geographic name because they are equipped for genuine exploration. Featuring microscopes, hydrophones, remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), and other essential tools, these purpose-built expedition vessels sail the high seas with a dual mission: to deepen discovery for our travelers, and to provide a basecamp for the National Geographic Experts who join us on select departures to share their important research and storytelling work in fields like oceanography and wildlife biology.

On Board With National Geographic Experts

National Geographic Experts are photographers, scientists, and storytellers seeking conservation solutions in the most remote parts of our planet—and they go there with Lindblad Expeditions. They participate in our Guest Speakers Program, giving you a firsthand look at their latest findings—and the unique opportunity to view your destination through their eyes.

Travel With the World’s Top Photographers

Behind every photograph in National Geographic magazine is an intrepid photographer who has spent decades traveling the globe, capturing the world’s most iconic and impactful images. These National Geographic Photography Experts join select expeditions in captivating places from the Amazon to the Arctic, sharing stories from their adventures in the field and helping travelers hone their camera skills. Every expedition is also accompanied by a certified photography instructor, trained by the pros at National Geographic. They are always available to help you decipher your camera settings or improve your composition, whether you’re a beginner or a professional with a portfolio. 

Our Undersea Program: Revealing the Mysteries of the Ocean

On a planet where nearly every inch of land has been mapped, few places offer the opportunity for true exploration like the ocean. As part of our undersea program, developed in partnership with National Geographic, an undersea specialist accompanies each of the voyages aboard our expedition fleet to reveal the wonders hidden beneath the waves. 


Our specialists don diving gear or deploy ROVs to document our marine environment, feeding footage to the ship lounge during your expedition’s daily recaps. They have been known to discover new species during dives, such as a cold-water coral in Norway. Through these images and insights, guests enjoy a rare look at life in the deep sea— whether you are exploring the turquoise expanse of the South Pacific of the icy lagoons of Antarctica.  

Inspiring the Next Generation of Global Stewards

The National Geographic Global Explorers Program was built on the belief that the natural world is the ultimate classroom where the next generation of global stewards is nurtured. Established in partnership with National Geographic Education, this interactive program teaches kids and teens age 18 and under to develop the attitudes, skills, and knowledge of an explorer in fascinating and fun places—from Alaska to Antarctica and Baja California to the Galápagos.


Kids will adopt an explorer's mindset, honing their observation skills and capturing their experiences through photographs, videos, drawings, and more. Throughout their journey, they are led by Certified Field Educators—inspiring mentors who help children connect with nature in a deeper way, sending them home with a newfound passion for the planet that lasts a lifetime. 


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An Enduring Commitment to Conservation

Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic share a mission to protect the world's wonders and help forge a sustainable path forward for our planet and its people—and we put that ethos into action through the Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic Fund. 


Since the Fund's inception in 2008, it has supported nearly 250 projects designed to protect our world's ocean, restore critical marine and coastal habitats, and foster environmental stewardship in the regions visited by our fleet and beyond. Together with our guests, we have contributed nearly $20 million to support conservation, education, research, storytelling, and technology projects, including the Grosvenor Teacher Fellowship and National Geographic Pristine Seas.

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