Staying connected while traveling

Whether it’s email, fax, internet or phone, we’ve got you covered.

With the implementation of Starlink-enabled internet, we are pleased to offer satellite internet across entire entire owned and leased fleet (with the exception of Delfin II). Accessing the internet in the most remote locations has never been easier or more comprehensive for Lindblad Expeditions guests.

Complimentary internet access is now available to all guests, enabling the use of email, messaging, and social media apps. We offer Enhanced and Premium internet access plans at per diem and per voyage rates, which can enable web browsing, teleconferencing, large file transfer, and evening streaming. Speak with your Hotel Manager or Purser for details.

Getting Connected

1. Enable wi-fi on your personal device.
2. Connect to the network labeled: Lindblad Guest
3. Open your preferred internet browser on your personal device.
4. Type
5. You will then be presented with our custom internet log-in page.

Note: If you are unable to reach the login page, you will need to turn off "Private Relay" in the Settings of your device.

6. Choose the option "Cabin + Birthday."
7. Enter your cabin number and birthday.
8. Click "Accept Terms."
9. Click on "New Booking" and select the internet package that best suits your needs.
10. A page indicating the usage of your account will display, and your internet session will begin.

Ending Your Internet Session

When you finish navigating or using your internet account, you will need to log out from the system to disconnect the session.

11. You can log out by typing on the address bar of your browser or by selecting End Session/Logout on the webpage where you began your internet session.
12. A message will appear indicating that you are logged out.
13. If you do not use your device for a certain amount of time, your internet session will end automatically. Restart your internet session by returning to Step 4, and select "Use existing booking" at Step 8.


Helpful Hints

  • While satellite internet enables us to access the internet in the world's most remote locations, the speed of its connectivity is slower than that of a land-based home wi-fi or wired connection. 
  • Connection is via satellite and the speed is not comparable to your home wi-fi.
  • When in close proximity to tall land features such as mountains, fjords, and volcanoes, satellite internet connectivity to the ship may be temporarily interrupted.
  • Packages are shareable, however only one device can be connected at a time.
  • If loads a different page from the portal, please turn off your phone data and try again.

Ship Portal

Through the Ship Portal, enjoy complimentary unlimited access to

  • GPS Sea Map
  • Daily Newspapers
  • Magazines and Brochures
  • Ship Information
  • And more