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Taylor Butz

Taylor was born in Seattle, Washington and grew up on Vashon Island in Puget Sound. It was on this island he picked up his first video camera and began producing, directing and editing backyard blockbusters. Alien invasions, ninja assassins and haunted forests were all rich plotlines for these early films. Growing up on remote Vashon Island gave him a fascination and connection with nature that would prove vital in his development as a filmmaker.

After graduating high school he attended San Diego State University. After two years of study he was accepted into the schools competitive Television Film and New Media Production program. It was during this time he began to develop and shoot a full length surf film. Working with the extremely territorial surfers of La Jolla he edited and produced Nightmare on Neptune. His next project was a cross-country comedy tour. During the “Thick Headed Tour” he was doing stand up as well as editing and shooting footage for the full length documentary. He has worked with Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic periodically for the last six years as a crew member. Now as a video chronicler, Taylor is excited to grow as a filmmaker, film the beauty of the planet and give guests a unique video which gives permanence to their expeditions.


My upcoming expeditions

Wild Alaska Escape: LeConte Bay, Wrangell & the Misty Fjords

May 23 2023
May 28 2023
Jul 5 2023
Jul 22 2023
Jul 27 2023