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Felix Reyes

Felix is from Santa Cruz Island in the Galapagos archipelago. Since he was a little kid, he accompanied his father on daily expeditions, the mission; their guest fell in love with their Islands and ship. As a child swimming, he was living proof that sharks do not eat people in Galapagos. A childhood surrounded by the sea, respect for nature, and hardworking people gave him a strong connection with nature and conservation in a beautiful place to call home. While still in high school, he was accepted as a volunteer into the Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF) family, becoming a volunteer taxidermist. Later, he participated in various research projects such as monitoring finches, penguins, and albatrosses, photographing each trip with a pocket camera for scientific purposes.

Living and enjoying first-hand the effort and passion for conserving this natural space challenged Felix to pursue the dream of a university career that would capture and transmit everything that the Galapagos represents. In 2009 he won a scholarship at CDF to continue his higher studies and graduated from the Christian Communications Center (Quito) & University of Northwestern (St. Paul, Minnesota) as a Communicator and Multimedia Producer with a specialty in the direction of Photography. He traveled throughout Ecuador, documenting conservation initiatives and supporting isolated communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Since 2016, Felix been an expedition photographer and video chronicler for different companies and NGOs and an ambassador for various brands of underwater equipment that carry out coastal clean-up programs in various parts of the world. He firmly believes that his commitment to conservation and education is also lifelong, and he ensures that success and professional growth come into his life through honest and passionate work.