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Amanda Hunter

Amanda was raised in California where she quickly developed an insatiable love for the ocean. After earning her degree at Oregon State University in Fisheries and Wildlife Science, specializing in Marine Science Education, she dedicated her time to traveling and volunteering with a variety of non-profit foundations around the globe.

As Amanda’s passion for education and travel increased, she gained experience working as an international student travel guide throughout the South Pacific region. When stateside, she spent her time teaching hands-on marine biology to students at the Catalina Island Marine Institute. It was on Catalina where she realized the true power of education.

In March 2020, Amanda became one of the founders of Ocean Youth Academy- a California based non-profit organization whose mission is to connect youth with our planet’s oceans. Much of her time overseas is spent on ships, lecturing about a variety of marine science topics, driving zodiacs and teaching others about the wonders of our natural world. Amanda’s hobbies include diving, trail-running, kiteboarding, snowboarding,  and chasing that ‘blue-mind’ state of being.