Today was our second day in the protected waters of the bay. National Geographic Venture lifted the anchor before sunrise, and sailed from Bahia Almejas to Bahia Magdalena. We sailed along Isla Santa Margarita as the sun started to rise, and by daytime we dropped the anchor near Isla Magdalena. Here we had our morning activities, which included walks across the island towards the Pacific side, into the mangroves for bird watching, or simply time to explore on our own. We landed on the south side of the island, not too far from the tiny town of Puerto Magdalena.

The beauty of this place is unique. Today we learned about the myriad of creatures that inhabit the sand dunes, from coyotes and jackrabbits to the tiny beetles, mice and lizards. Once at the beach on the Pacific side of Isla Magdalena, everyone enjoyed their experience in a different way. Some sat down in the sand to contemplate the views, and others walked far along Bahia Santa Maria. The bird watchers found over thirty species of birds, while learning about plants and the dune ecosystem as they explored the mangroves.

After a very nice morning on Magdalena Island, we sailed away from the bay into the Pacific Ocean once again, bound for the Los Cabos region. On our way out, before even leaving the bay, a humpback whale and its calf breached several times not too far from the ship. As we kept sailing, we had other encounters with several humpbacks and interesting seabirds.