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Steve Backus

Born in the mountains of east Tennessee, it was easy for Steve to fall in love with the wonderful natural environment around him. What started as a childhood passion to scan the creeks and ponds for all they would reveal evolved into a studied desire to understand the world around us. Now splitting his time between North Carolina and Alaska, he finds endless wonder in these stunning places.

Through his work and travels Steve has been privy to many corners of the world and loves to share what he has experienced. An infinitely curious person by nature, he is drawn to explore the environments around him and the stories they tell. Learning and sharing the ecology of how life interacts and connects is a true passion of his.

As a mariner, waterbirds are of particular interest to Steve and his time as a ship’s naturalist, a captain, a point counter at migration hot-spots, a field technician, and community-science efforts has deepened his appreciation of them. Though our feathered friends are Steve’s primary area of expertise, he can be found peeking under logs and listening by swamps at night for the creeping and crawling life found underfoot. He is honored to be a part of the Lindblad team and looks forward sharing our voyages together.


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