Mists rising from Salish Sea waters; steep mountains cloaked in deep forests of Western red cedar, Douglas fir, and Western hemlock; rugged canyons carved out by winding waterways; grassy, sloping meadows—this is the Pacific Northwest. And within the incredible diversity of habitats here, from the marine environment to high desert, a variety of birdlife can be found thriving. In fact, the states of Oregon and Washington boast the 7th and 10th longest bird lists, respectively, of any state in the U.S., while British Columbia features the most avian diversity of any Canadian province, with some 560 species on record. Get Inspired By Photos, Videos, Webinars, Stories, And Exclusive Offers. Sign Up

On our two itineraries in the region, Exploring British Columbia and the San Juan Islands and the Columbia and Snake Rivers Journey, guests have the opportunity to spot (and hear) an array of intriguing species such as the theatrically plumed harlequin duck, the loud, bold-crested Steller’s jay, and the diminutive Pacific wren, the smallest of all North American wrens. Here are some other notable birds of the Pacific Northwest to watch out for.