While not everyone believes in the green flash, dozens took to the bow before dawn in an attempt to witness the phenomenon. With the full moon above the cliffs to the west and oranges glowing to the east, we prepared ourselves for the possibility of the moment. Photographers were ready, and their preparedness paid off as a small green flare lit up just before the top limb of the sun crested the ocean. There isn’t a better event to set the tone for a day in Baja.

After a delightful breakfast, we cruised the San Jose channel for wildlife. This deep-water passage often provides great sightings of wildlife. With a light breeze and clear skies, the conditions for watching were idyllic. While no creatures put on a show this morning, the weather and scenery made it an enjoyable passage to soak in the beauty of Baja. We passed the morning with presentations, and the hotel department provided delicious treats, including an ice cream sundae bar post lunch!

For the afternoon, we set out to Bahia Encantada. This landing offers a long arroyo, or dry riverbed, where we explored deep into the desert island of San Jose. The tenacious plant life is always impressive, thriving in an arid and harsh landscape. Land birds and reptiles flitted about, including a cooperative and endemic Xanthus’s hummingbird. As evening set in, our second beach barbecue was on the schedule. The festive event gave us a chance to relax with our toes in the sand. After the sun set, we played with night photography and searched for florescent scorpions.

Back on board, an early evening was in order. Tomorrow, we set out at sunrise for our next day exploring the Gulf of California and the desert islands. Today was another incredible day on this memorable voyage.