Explorers aboard National Geographic Endurance were greeted by a beautiful morning as we sailed into Karukinka Nature Reserve in Seno Almirantazgo, located in the Patagonia region of Chile. Karukinka is a privately-owned reserve that is managed by the Wildlife Conservation Society, and it is a wonderland of both terrestrial and marine life.

Explorers enjoyed the topside beauty of the reserve through a variety of activities, while the undersea team explored the marine flora and fauna of the nearby kelp forests. Some adventurers participated in a longer trek through pristine forest lands in search of guanaco. Others elected to walk to one of the reserve’s many towering waterfalls. Some chose to leisurely stroll along the beach, gleefully observing the sights and sounds of the southern elephant seals that were abundant along the shore.

In the afternoon, National Geographic Endurance found its way to Ainsworth Bay, where explorers set out on yet another adventure. The intrepid group made their way to shore and journeyed through the rugged coastal terrain. Smiles were plentiful as the intrepid adventurers experienced the unique beauty and wonder that is Patagonia.