We have been sailing for two days now. Tristan da Cunha is behind us, and the island of Saint Helena is ahead of us. We are still too far to see it, but that does not stop us from squinting into the distance from time to time, wishing it closer and closer.

Days like this one go at their own unique pace, allowing us to catch our breath after the intense activity of our last landing. We recharge our batteries in expectation of what lies ahead.

It was a good day to attend presentations. Jim Kelley spoke on wind, waves, and water, and Eduardo Shaw revisited the thrilling life of Captain James Cook. After lunch, we had the chance to learn more about the intricacies of Lightroom with David Cothran, and we finished off the day with a bit of friendly competition with our very own first GeoBee. Feeling refreshed and well-rested, we look forward to what tomorrow brings on our voyage towards the island where Napoleon spent his last days.