We started our day with a wet landing on a black sandy beach. At this time of year, turtles lay eggs on the beach. Just a few steps from the shore, we encountered a couple of giant tortoises mating. They did not even notice us.

We continued our walk and encountered beautiful male land iguanas just along the path. They were warming up before looking for food. At this time of year, they might also be looking for a mate.

We photographed tortoises, iguanas and land birds. Penguins, turtles, cormorants and some sea lions are also common in the area. The morning ended with a quick and refreshing dip in the ocean for some of us.

In the afternoon, guests enjoyed watching wildlife and kayaking along the coast of Tagus Cove for exercise. Later, we prepared for snorkeling. We observed graceful sea turtles, surprising cormorants, playful sea lions, marvelous penguins and an endless number of other marine creatures.

Some guests took it easy, enjoying a Zodiac ride along the coast to observe the interesting wildlife in the incredible Galapagos Islands. Other guests participated in an invigorating and fast-paced hike to a nearby ash cone, where they were greeted with fantastic views. Picturesque