It is hard to say goodbye to the country of the Pura Vida on the last day of our expedition in Costa Rica. This country is full of the beauty of nature, especially in the rainforests.

We took our last nature walk in the morning. Some guests took on the challenge of a long trail in a second growth forest, and others walked around the gardens of a private reserve named Rio Seco.

This incredible place has a high biodiversity density and unlimited biological resources. Today, this special place revealed some of its beauty to our guests. We spotted squirrel monkeys, scarlet macaws, spectacled caiman and agouties.

Just 30 to 40 years ago, the land was used for cattle ranching and cacao farms. After new owners bought it, they started a reforestation process. The main idea was, and still is, the protection of nature to help the national park right next to its limits. And the results? A magical place where the coastline meets the mountains, with a rainforest in between to connect every living thing. The reserve is the perfect example of how the impact of humans can change a storyline and help nature honor her own ways. Sometimes, we just need to let nature be.

We anchored at a port in Golfito while our office prepared information for customs, readying documents and passports. Guests kayaked around the mangrove forest, one of the biggest in the country, and explored Golfo Dulce on Zodiacs. We admired herons, raptors and mammals.


Today was a nice way to finish our first half of the expedition. We enjoyed the wildlife, the exercise, and the beauty we saw in the forest. We are looking forward to snorkeling tomorrow.