We began making our way across the Drake Passage today. It was a quiet day after a voyage full of adventures on both sides of the Antarctic Peninsula. The Drake was very gentle with us, and our day on board was filled with activities.

After breakfast, naturalist Jonny Reid presented a fascinating lecture on marine underwater soundscapes, focusing on marine mammal acoustic communications. Later in the morning, National Geographic photography expert Susan provided useful tips on how to store, archive, and process photographs.

After an excellent lunch, naturalist Zach Brown presented on climate change and its effects in Antarctica. The last presentation of the day was, “The Life Extreme: An Overview of Cool Staff,” by enigmatic Chilean naturalist Alex Searle. Alex provided interesting stories about intriguing adaptations to Antarctica’s extreme climate, as well as information about recent scientific discoveries in Antarctica.

The day was not over until we all gathered in the lounge for a cocktail hour and the final recap of the expedition.