Today we reached Cabrits Bay on the Isle of Dominica where guests visited the Syndicate Trail. The loop through the forest allowed our guests to walk among the native plants and animals that make this trail a unique treasure, home to the endemic parrots that can only be found on the island. Local guides enhanced our trip by providing information on the local population, history, traditions, music, food, and religion. During lunch on the ship, we were joined by Dr. Lennox Honychurch. The esteemed historian joined our group and led a tour of historical Fort Shirley. With the help and support of international institutions, students, and the local government, Dr. Honychurch began the project in 1986. The result is a remarkable reconstruction of the architecture from the 18th century in the Caribbean. Originally built in 1765, Fort Shirley served an important purpose for the defense of Cabrits Bay. The fort protected the bay from invaders and served as a garrison as the British protected the safe passage of sugar to Europe. Our day ended with guests taking their first swim and snorkel from Purple Turtle Beach. Later that evening, Sea Cloud sailed away towards our next destination.