We woke up today anchored off beautiful Isla Santa Margarita, where our stretch class was treated to views of frigatebirds overhead and sea lions playing in the gentle swells. After a delicious breakfast, we ventured off with our pangueros to the area of the bay that is rich with gray whales. We saw breaching, spyhopping, and even some mother and calf pairs, which is rare for this part of Bahia Magdalena. On our way back to National Geographic Sea Bird, we stopped by a magnificent frigatebird colony. We watched the huge birds with their seven-foot wingspan soar overhead, and we identified males and females by the white and red colors on their chests. We had a traditional Aztec meal of pozole before heading out for round two of whale watching. Adults and children alike screamed with glee as these whales gave us a close pass and blew snot on everyone. After enjoying an on-board Mexican fiesta with ceviche, guacamole, and tamales, we got to experience the traditional activity of the pinata. Guests of all ages participated by hitting the pinata till candy and Lindblad treats fell from the ceiling. Our day was still not over yet. We headed to the sundeck (or star deck) for a star talk by our expedition leader, sending us all off to bed with whales and constellations to fill our dreams.