After breakfast we landed on a black sand beach on the island of Ambrym. We either walked for a little over a mile or took an exciting ride to the village of Fanla.  Here, we enjoyed one of the most incredible and unique cultural performances in the world, the Rom dance.  The masked men danced hypnotically to the ground-shaking music, with foot stomping so strong it might have been a 6.7 on the Richter scale.  The overall experience in this village was memorable with friendly folks, incredible carvings, great views, and tasty refreshments.

In the afternoon we positioned a short distance down the coast and some of us snorkeled on a recent lava flow.  Many tropical reef fish were spotted, and the overall scenery was breathtaking.  As we sailed away from the island in the late afternoon, glassy waters created reflections of the distant vibrant clouds and thunderstorms.  A sunset to remember for sure!