It was brunch day on National Geographic Endurance! After over a week exploring the Ross Sea, we left Bartlett Inlet late yesterday, en route eastward toward the Antarctic Peninsula. With over 1,500 miles to go before reaching the southern sections of the peninsula, we kicked off our first full day at sea. To mark the occasion, the hotel team put together a lovely brunch, starting with a mimosa toast at 10:30 a.m.—giving many a great excuse to enjoy a well-deserved sleep-in.

In addition to brunch, our naturalist staff continued their lecture series with presentations on “Expedition Diving in Polar Regions” by Brett Garner, “Threats to Sea Birds” by Jamie Coleman, and “Antarctica as a Working Place for a Scientist” by Katy Uryupova. The end of the day concluded with natural history recap presentations over cocktails in the Ice Lounge followed by dinner in the ship’s restaurant, Two Seven Zero°.

It was a lovely day with high winds but following seas and the chance to rest, relax, and recharge while watching icebergs pass by the windows.