I cannot think of a better way to finish this EPIC Antarctica voyage than visiting these two wonderful places known for their glacial landscapes of incredible beauty. The approach to Paradise Harbour was self-explanatory based on the name given to this place by whalers of a bygone era.

Once the Zodiacs were in the water, we went exploring the many coves and bays. The few exposed rocks and colourful cliffs nearby revealed swards of moss, crustose lichens, and some even spotted Antarctic hairgrass! The flora of Antarctica is so minute that it is exciting to get a glimpse of these masters of adaptation that live in a frozen environment.

In the afternoon we sailed into Andvord Bay, a huge fjord of about 9 miles long with stunning scenery. A group of crabeater seals shared a large icefloe during siesta time, undisturbed by our presence. The reflections of glaciers and icebergs in the water was mesmerizing and at times was interrupted by rafts of gentoo penguins swimming by. Icebergs of different shapes and sizes completed this serene scene that will stay in our memories for a long time.

When we thought that moment could not be topped, we watched dozens of humpback whales surface lunge feeding, splashing the water with their pectoral fins. Goodbye for now, Antarctica!