How to Build Your Business Using Social Media

A Conversation with Lesa Bain and Dave Costantini

Dave Costantini headshot.jpgDave Costantini has been at Lindblad Expeditions for the past year and a half working as our Social Media Director. Before Lindblad Expeditions, Dave worked at best-in-class creative agencies focusing on social, digital, and brand strategy, as well as spending his spare time as a professional photographer and videographer. He has almost 10 years of experience working in the digital space.  

Dave, what makes social media such a key component of any marketing plan? 
With so many platforms, new tools, and ever-evolving algorithms, social media can be complex and hard to keep up with. But at the end of the day, a good marketing plan analyzes where your audience’s attention is and what they are looking for. With over 4.5 billion social media users worldwide as of 2022, consumers are on their mobile phones more than ever. Social media allows you to show off your brand’s personality, what you offer, and connects you directly with your audience. You can use social media throughout the marketing funnel from building brand awareness, all the way down to closing deals via direct messages with potential clients.  

Not everyone loves social media; it can be a little scary. How do our social media toolkits help Travel Advisors? 
Our social media toolkits are a first step in taking some of the intimidation out of social media, by giving Travel Advisors best practices as well as pre-planned posts they can make their own. We will continue to evolve these in the future, but they are really meant to inspire Travel Advisors to become as active on the platforms as possible. Social media, is just that, social… and you will get out what you put in. These toolkits are not meant to be copy and paste, they are meant to get you started, comfortable, and engaged.  

There are so many platforms, should I pick one to focus on or use multiple platforms?   
I would think about where your clients and potential clients are and focus on those one or two platforms. As I mentioned in the last answer, you’ll need to be as active as possible to really grow a community and connect with your audience, so if that means doubling down on one platform then that’s the best strategy for you. If you have the time and knowledge to be active on multiple platforms, test and learn what works and do more of that. Use analytics to see what content resonates, and never underestimate the benefit of speaking to your clients about social media, what they use, and what helps them decide about their travel plans.  

How many social media toolkits do you have available and where can I find them? 
We have created toolkits for a variety of our destinations and have started to add topics such as specific ships in our fleet and sustainability. You can browse what we’ve created so far [enter link to Expedition 360° or the TA portal?], and check back each month for new additions. 

What social media platforms does Lindblad Expeditions use and how do I access them?  Do you have a Travel Advisor Facebook page, and if so, how do I join? 
Lindblad is active on most social media platforms, and we also have an engaged group of Travel Advisors on Facebook you can join. You can find us at the links below: 

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