Sarah realized the creative potential of video during a photojournalism study abroad program in Scotland, where she photographed the country’s iconic Highland Games. Today Sarah films around the world, exploring our many destinations through her lens. On one fortuitous voyage she happened to be aboard the same time as the Jeopardy! Clue Crew and got the incredible opportunity to film them on location in Antarctica. Filming clues on expedition is no easy task: both Sarah and the Clue Crew need to be ready at a moment’s notice to capture the action—whether it’s bubble-netting humpbacks, tobogganing penguins, or calving glaciers.

But despite the challenge Sarah pulled it off on the first try. “It was a magical partnership right from the beginning,” says Deb Dittmann, senior producer for Jeopardy! “Sarah immediately got what we needed to do, and her timing was perfect. She’s just a natural. Plus, she’s super fun, energetic and always so kind. We couldn’t have asked for anybody better.” From that voyage on Sarah served as the main VC for Jeopardy!, filming hundreds of clues over the years.

As one of only a few female VCs, Sarah more than holds her own in this high-stress, physically demanding, male-dominated field. Defying gender boundaries is something she’s been doing from a young age (after putting up a fight she was the first girl to play baseball in her town) and she’s never let anyone keep her from succeeding at the goals she set for herself. For all this and much more we salute this talented and determined filmmaker.