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The Penguins of Antarctica: What You'll See & Where

A chinstrap penguin carries a pebble in its beak

The number one draw for most Antarctic travelers? Penguins! From gentoo, chinstrap, and Adélie penguins on the peninsula to massive king penguin colonies on South Georgia island, these iconic birds are endlessly fascinating to watch in the wild. Throughout the austral summer, hundreds of penguins parade before us, reestablishing their bonds, mating, staking their claims, and thievishly stealing stones from one another for their nests.

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If you think penguins are delightful in films and nature documentaries, just wait until you are right there among them, witnessing the often-madcap business of penguin life being lived around you. Watch them waddle about on land, or hop in a kayak to see them up close in their element—gliding effortlessly among icebergs. Our incredible expedition team will add dimension to your Antarctic wildlife adventure by revealing the brilliant adaptations that enable these birds to live in polar conditions, or by helping you capture an unforgettable penguin portrait to take back home.

So, what penguin species will you see in Antarctica? This handy color-coded map lays it all out for you.



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