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  • 7 Min Read
  • 29 Jul 2020

When Art Meets Ice: Change Aboard National Geographic Endurance

“Every piece of art is proof of the profound impact this environment can have on an individual. The exhibit will be a shared experience, enabling our guests to feel part of something much larger than their own individual observations.” —Zaria Forman, Artist & Curator of Change

Change, the first-ever permanent polar art exhibit, teems with thought-provoking works—large-scale paintings, interactive sculptures, rare archival photos, haunting soundscapes, and much more. Displayed throughout the brand-new National Geographic Endurance, Change explores key themes to give guests a richer understanding of polar geographies. Artist Zaria Forman, the exhibit’s curator, has assembled an incredible roster of artists. She has been highlighting their work on Instagram where you can get a sense of what awaits once our ship is able to set sail. Below are just a few of the contributing artists. Follow Curate Change for more.  Get Inspired By Photos, Videos, Webinars, Stories, And Exclusive Offers. Sign Up

Luke ReynoldsFlight Data (On a Wednesday Afternoon)

Anders BerthelsenPhotographs — Nuuk, Greenland

Diane Burko & Anna TasCollaborative series of Lenticulars

Todd MurphyArctic Cotton

Tiffany BozicArctic Wonders Series — Pulse

Marina ZurkowElixir IV

James ProsekArctic and Antarctic Pictographs

To experience all of the art featured in Change join us in the polar regions aboard the brand-new National Geographic Endurance.