Global Explorers of all ages contributed to our Daily Expedition Report in the form of haikus and other abbreviations of poetry. It was a diverse day of activities in the town of Wrangell, from a hike up Mount Dewey, to a jet boat excursion up the Stikine River, to a walk on the beach to view ancient petroglyphs, to a mosey through a bog, to a cultural visit at the Chief Shake House. The diversity of Alaska continues to amaze. 

Rock Bears

Granite bears stay still.

Keep looking for rocks that walk,

Lumbering on shore.

Authors:  Babs Gerber and Leo and Molly Navetta

Cold wet drippy ice

It melts outside of my room

It is from glaciers

Author:  Walker Mims, age 12

Lindblad Alaska

The Lindblad Sea Bird

Beauty everywhere we look

Life is excellent

Author: John Carlson

Jetboat whizzing through Alaskan sloughs

Blue skies, glaciers and waterfalls flowing too

Bald eagles, Zodiac boats

Lindblad Expeditions

Author: Karen Russell


The lush green mountains

Covered with powdered sugar…

What is for dessert?

Author:  Bobbie