Today we woke up sailing along the picturesque coastline of the Baja peninsula. We had high winds and so while the seas were spicy, spirits were high as we sailed over the ocean. Seeing the waves crashing against the bow is a remarkable sight, and the feeling of exploration was palpable.

We had an incredible presentation by our undersea specialist, James Hyde, on the incredibly intricate and fragile topic of plankton. Filled with beautiful videos and a wealth of knowledge, we were moved by the importance of this biodiverse and beautiful part of the dance of the ocean.

Closing his presentation, we toasted to an exciting day at sea with bloody marys. One of our bartenders, Derek, served them up in a beautiful style while we lounged and enjoyed the seas. These weeks are so jam-packed with activities that it was a true gift to enjoy some downtime. Our photography instructor, Shayne Sanders, was available in the lounge all day to help with photo transfers and to continue teaching us the tools we have been learning all week to improve our photography skills.

This could not have come at a better time, as we were soon treated to a mega pod of common dolphins. To see the ocean alive with dolphins all around the vessel was an unforgettable experience. We all leaned over the bow and watched as dozens of dolphins squeaked and rode the ship’s pressure wave. 

All this before lunch! We then continued to the entrance of the mouth of Magdalena Bay. We began seeing the blows from gray whales as we entered the calm and protected waters. This was an incredible day that showcased the magic of the Baja coastline.