The final full day of our voyage began with a light drizzle, quickly turning into a substantial rain, but we were not deterred in a morning of exploration. Precipitation here is a normal requirement for the lush rainforest, the open muskeg, and the tumbling salmon streams, washing sediment and organic matter off the steep hillsides and from the organic soils into the tidal inlets.

As the rain fell, we hiked through a tumbledown forest redolent in tangled green understory, tall trees, and decaying wood. Some visited a colorful muskeg bog perched up on the hill, while others kayaked the upper bay where muddy streams emptied their heavy load. By lunchtime we were thoroughly soaked and happy for the quick return to the National Geographic Quest.

Our transit through Peril Strait was closely timed to avoid the turbulent tidal currents in Sergius Narrows. The rain abated as the afternoon wore on, and we were able to spend time on deck observing Sitka deer, sea otters, and various seabirds during our passage through the narrow channels towards our evening anchorage.