The day started with an overcast sky and fog surrounding the shoreline of Isabela Island. We landed on a black sand beach where sea turtles lay eggs every year. Our morning hike consisted of a loop trail through the forest of poison apple trees, where we found giant tortoises from the Alcedo Volcano. These prehistoric animals were looking for food and sunbathing in the middle of the trail, a very convenient situation for our photographers.

In the afternoon, we anchored in Tagus Cove, a popular site known by whalers back in the day. The area offers calm waters full of wildlife. We swam with penguins and sea lions. We also kayaked by the nesting sites of flightless cormorants, and we explored the cliffs where pelicans are nesting. Part of the group hiked around a beautiful saltwater lagoon to a viewpoint that offered a 360° view of Isabela Island and its volcanic features.