The waters of the Ucayali River and its tributaries are unceasingly fertile, teeming with life anywhere you go and everywhere you look. This place has been blessed by Mother Nature with an enormous number of resources, most generated by the great Amazon River.

Before breakfast, we set out on a skiff exploration to discover the wonders born from the womb of the Amazon. Endless species of birds are attracted to the abundance of habitats and fish available here. Some guests went for a walk into the soul of the green jungle at a place called Yanalpa.

Both options were equally interesting with endless opportunities to observe and photograph wildlife. From the skiffs, our naturalist and driver spotted a tiny hummingbird nest hiding in the leaves of a tree. We waited patiently until we saw the hummingbird.

Different species of monkeys, like golden-bellied capuchins, live high up in trees where they find food and refuge. We spotted blue-and-yellow macaws, which was so exciting. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get a photo as they fly by overhead.

After enjoying time on board, we set out again for more skiff explorations. We entered El Dorado River. The river’s dark brown waters produce so many fish that nourish numerous species of animals and humans.

After sunset, we continued exploring this magical and legendary place. We were looking for a creature that is better seen at night when their eyes, red like laser pointers, are revealed just on the surface of the water. It is challenging to find and photograph them, but our local guides are just amazing at spotting wildlife.

The diversity in this place has no parallel anywhere else on earth. We felt grateful for another opportunity to see the wonders of pacha mamma.