Mother Earth, or pacha mamma, has been so generous to the Peruvian jungle. The waters of the Ucayali River and its tributaries are unceasingly fertile, teeming with life anywhere you are and everywhere you look.

Before breakfast, we set out on a skiff exploration to discover the wonders born from the womb of the Amazon. Attracted by the abundance of habitats and fish, endless species of birds live here. One is the prehistoric looking hoatzin.

Monkeys of different species, like golden-bellied capuchins and pygmy monkeys, live high up in trees where they find food and refuge. Sighting blue-and-yellow macaws flying overhead is so exciting. Sometimes we only have a few seconds to look at them and take a picture.

Reptiles have also found a place to live here. Sometimes we see green iguanas up in the trees where they sunbathe and hide from the eagles that prey on them.

After enjoying time on board, we set out again for more skiff explorations. We entered El Dorado River. The dark brown waters produce an abundance of fish to nourish numerous species, including humans.

After sunset, we were still exploring this magical, legendary place. We were on the lookout for caimans. These creatures are better seen at night when their eyes, red like laser pointers, reveal them on the surface of the water. The most challenging part is to photograph them. Our local guides are just amazing at spotting wildlife.

The diversity of this place has no parallel anywhere else on earth. The home of pink dolphins. The land of green, the land of legends.