The final full day of our voyage was spent exploring Endicott Arm, a wild fjord scoured deeply into the mainland of Southeast Alaska.  Here we searched for wildlife along the shoreline, marveled at the glacially sculpted valleys, and dodged bergey bits and growlers released from the icy grip of the face of Dawes Glacier. 

The weather varied from sunshine to blowing mist, but that didn’t stop us from spotting bears on the shoreline, harbor seals and porpoises in the water, and witnessing the “white thunder” of massive glacier ice collapsing into the sea.  The afternoon was capped by an exuberant plunge into the icy waters by many brave souls, earning the admiration and amazement of their less foolhardy shipmates.  It is difficult to absorb all we have seen in such a short time, but the quick passage of the week also brought an intense appreciation for the dramatic landscape and wildlife of this unique place, as well a sense of lasting comradery with our fellow explorers.