Today was our second day in Antarctica, and like the day before, it was incredible! After breakfast, two options were available for guests aboard National Geographic Explorer: Zodiac cruising or kayaking. Both proved fantastic! Zodiac cruisers observed a pod of orcas, and kayakers enjoyed the scenery of icebergs and calm seas along with some exercise. After kayaking and cruising, an opportunity for a polar plunge was offered to those daring enough to try it! Polar plunging is not for the faint of heart, and if you’ve ever tried plunging into cold waters before, just imagine plunging into water that is around 0°C with little bits of ice floating around in it. One thing is certain about that experience: you will never again move as quickly to get out of the water!

After the morning’s thrilling experiences, the afternoon was a little more relaxed. Relaxed does not mean that there was nothing to do! We enjoyed a scenic cruise through the Gullet. Wind or sun, the Gullet is always scenic, but today the channel showed off just how dramatic it can be. Gray storm clouds hung high in the sky and exaggerated the white mountaintops.