It is morning, and I scan the horizon. At all points, it is all water. It has been this way all night, a world of ocean. It will be this way until almost noon tomorrow. Maybe someday, most visitors to Antarctica will simply fly there, like we fly between Europe and America. Efficient and easy, but so much would be missed. For me, the journey is part of the adventure. It gives a sense of place and distance.

At any rate, the day is upon us. Today there are lectures, as well as time to work on images, catch up on notes, and perhaps reflect. Little of that for the crew, however. Rooms must be cleaned, clothes laundered, engines maintained, the ship steered, and food prepared and served. Conditions are a little more challenging with the ship rocking, but this is all part of the program. Now for the ‘Perfect Egg’!  

Bon appétit!