Our day began with misty skies as we arrived to the Sucia Islands in the Salish Sea. We anchored outside of Fox Cove and began our journey with Zodiac, kayaking, and hiking excursions. I took my group along the coastline where we admired the unique geologic features of the islands, along with the wildlife that was about. While some guests spotted the darling pigeon guillemots along the shore or the hungry river otter scampering along the coastline, others watched as harbor seals surveyed the humans gazing at them from above.

After a morning of admiring the forest’s coastal edge, we were ready to plant our feet on solid ground and explore the lush forest of the main island. We strolled through diverse trees, including cedars, firs, and maples, and we observed the lush understory, full of ferns and spring flowers. On the western side of the island, guests explored the coastline of Fossil Beach. They found ammonites embedded in the cliffs. Collectively, we all experienced the vast diversity of this place. Yet another day well spent exploring this unique place aboard National Geographic Venture.