Today was our first expedition day of the voyage! After a day of sailing across the sea from Ushuaia, Argentina, we arrived at Stanley in the Falkland Islands this morning. As we approached, we began to have great sightings of the wildlife that calls this region home (at least for part of the year), including sei whales. Once cleared into the port, we ventured out for the day to enjoy the area of Stanley. We enjoyed the highlights of the city and explored the scenery and wildlife in the surrounding area at nearby Gypsy Cove. Wildlife highlights included a large variety of seabird species, from Magellanic penguins to Upland geese and steamer ducks. As we made our way out of Stanley, we were treated to views of Peale’s dolphins around the ship, perhaps a good sign of the ample wildlife ahead of us as we began to journey across the ocean towards South Georgia.