On the last day of the year, we entered the Antarctic territory to visit Barrientos Island. Part of the Aitcho group of islands, Barrientos Island is the perfect setting to begin exploring Antarctica.


We boarded Zodiacs to visit colonies of chinstrap and gentoo penguins. It was certainly a good omen to start our expedition with hundreds of penguins.


In the afternoon, we sailed to Half Moon Island. We took our time exploring the area, including a beach with nesting gentoo penguins. Most nests had chicks, and we observed the penguins’ feeding and behavioral patterns.


The wind picked up during the day. As we sailed near Deception Island in the evening, it grew even stronger. We welcomed the New Year under a grey sky as waves crashed against the rocks. After celebrating the start of the new cycle, we rested with the knowledge that the year would bring new adventures.