St. Andrews: The largest king penguin colony on the planet? Check.

The morning welcomed us into the day with perfect weather and a beach full of birds, blubbery pinnipeds, tussock grass and gorgeous glaciers. There were kings and queens of all ages, along with plenty of other wildlife to watch and admire. We landed on shore with a spin of our Zodiac by the expedition team, and we were off to the races. It was jaw-dropping, it was beautiful and it was a site (and smell) we will never forget.

Gold Harbour: Gregarious charismatic pinnipeds? Check.

Another unforgettable king penguin colony and a hike to the overlook. The afternoon was filled with gorgeous elephant seals scattered across the beach, sneezing one after the other. Penguins, both kings and gentoos, littered the shoreline, providing countless photo opportunities. Among the colony, we witnessed lust, love, heartbreak and deceit. Some of us wanted a sporty challenge, so we hiked to the overlook and experienced the beauty (and chaos) from a higher perspective.