Every day is an adventure. But some adventures can be more fun and exciting than others. Especially onboard National Geographic Sea Lion in the Bahamas. We spent the entire day at Shroud Cay in the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. Shroud Cay is a collection of small cays and islets bound together by picturesque mangrove creeks.

Because these mangrove creeks are protected from human impact within this 176,000-acre national park, they are teeming with wildlife. Tons of green sea turtles, juvenile fish, mollusks, birds, and other organisms thrive in and around these mangroves. Turtles in Shroud Cay can be as “plentiful as sand,” as the locals say. Whether by Zodiac or kayak, guests were able to see these beautiful creatures up close and personal as they cruised through the creek feeding on seagrass.

There is a special feature at the end of this mangrove creek. Called “The Washing Machine,” this area is where the mangrove creek opens into the ocean, creating a strong current that rushes through the creek into a nice sandbar and beach, simulating a fast “lazy river” effect. It’s fun to float through the current into the sandbar, but even more exhilarating to jump off some nearby rocks into the crystal-clear waters and be ushered out effortlessly by the waves.

We enjoyed this area for a good while, before heading back to National Geographic Sea Lion for lunch. In the afternoon, we returned to a beach on Shroud Cay for more kayaking, paddle boarding, and pure relaxation.