Today, everyone aboard National Geographic Sea Bird had the great honor and delight of visiting a UNESCO World Heritage site, SGang Gwaay. SGang Gwaay is located on a small island off the west coast of Hadia Gwaii, and it is like taking a time machine to see the life and ways of the Haida people. Guests were led on a tour by the Watchmen of the island, caretakers and preservers of the culture and land. Interpretation of the memorial and mortuary poles was offered as we viewed the remains of large cedar long houses. Guests walked along the path in observation, listening to the tide come in and out, while absorbing the awe-inspiring artwork and way of life of the Haida people. Since it was low tide, we were also able to take in areas on the beach where rocks were purposefully maneuvered to allow for a canoe to be perfectly docked within the sheltered cove. What ingenuity.

Once on the path in the forest, guests took in sights that were reminiscent of a fairytale. Pathways wound through rock walls and trees, with ferns and moss draping the walls. We noticed a tropical feel with the shades of green and the shimmering sunlight. The entirety of SGang Gwaay was breathtakingly beautiful, and words to describe it do not do it justice. To be there and feel, listen, smell, sense, and see everything is something that will stay with us forever.