Security Bay was the destination for our morning operations. Kayaks and paddleboards were launched to explore this inlet of Kuiu Island, while some of our guests elected for a hike in the nearby forest. Hiking invited the adventurous to get up close and personal with the forest floor. Mushrooms and bushels dotted the lower forest, providing a dense habitat for a wonderful bushwhack opportunity. The smell of Sitka spruce and western hemlock filled the air as our feet were cushioned by the soft sphagnum moss. Those willing to get a little wet navigated the small islands with kayaks and paddleboards. They were met with no breeze and calm seas – a fantastic way to explore this Southeast Alaskan wilderness.

The undersea specialist and his faithful squire went diving and saw many interesting things. Small prickleback fish, sea jellies, limpets, chitons, anemones, and much more made their way into the film for our guests to enjoy as they sipped their cocktails at night. “What a great addition to the story!” many of them expressed.

Humpback whales were spotted early in the afternoon, and we spent as much time with them as we could. A few tail lobs and splashes met our eyes, but they were mostly tame – completely content feeding in these rich Alaskan waters. We saw several individuals feeding in the same location, although it did not look like they were interacting with each other. One of our naturalists, James Hyde, captured a few images of the undersides of their flukes. With these photos, he was able to identify four individuals. What a day to contribute to some scientific data!