A day at sea is a useful opportunity to recharge the batteries, enjoy the pleasant surroundings on National Geographic Orion, and listen to lectures provided by the Lindblad Expeditions staff. Today, as a warm sun illuminated the sparking sea between New Caledonia and Norfolk Island, guests had the chance to enjoy three lectures. The first, by Karen Velas, looked at the wide variety of seabird life that calls this corner of the Pacific home and gave everyone a good idea of what to look out for from the ship’s decks and bridge. In the afternoon, Stephen Fisher presented an overview of Norfolk Island’s history, examining the less palatable aspects of colonial expansionism into Australasia in Captain Cook’s wake. After afternoon tea and a slightly early dinner, National Geographic photographer Krista Rossow provided a workshop on enhancing travel photography. She focused on getting the perfect shot onsite and improving the outcome when editing at home.

Meanwhile, National Geographic Orion steamed relentlessly south, bound for Norfolk Island, our destination for tomorrow.