What an amazing way to start our first official expedition day in Indonesia! We cruised over to a wonderful little fishing village this morning, and they were buzzing with excitement to welcome us ashore. Everyone was smiling and laughing as we watched and participated in traditional ceremonies and games!

This afternoon, we had our first taste of the ocean as we went snorkelling on the coral reefs surrounding the island of Satonda. The colors were amazing, including blues, greens, yellows, pinks, oranges, and more! The fish had everyone smiling through their masks as we watched them buzzing about their day amongst the metropolis of the corals. The scuba divers went for a dive to get an even closer look at the beautiful underwater ecosystem. As some of us enjoyed splashing around with the fish, others journeyed ashore for a little stroll inland to see the beautiful lake that makes this place look a bit like a donut from above.

Today was only a small taste of what is to come on this amazing voyage through the wonders of Indonesia, and we are eagerly looking forward to tomorrow!