For centuries, this island has been of special interest due to its large size and elevation. Darwin visited to collect specimens. The island has tortoises and fields of vegetation. Thanks to the efforts of park rangers, introduced mammals like goats, pigs, and cattle have been eradicated.

This island is in the center of the archipelago! There is a large shield volcano with old and new lava. We visited Espumilla Beach, where sea turtles nest. Most of them are presently mating just off the beach. Some guests took walks, and others chose to kayak along the coast.

Later, we repositioned the ship to Buccaneer Cove for aquatic activities. Guests enjoyed kayaking, tours in Zodiacs and the glass-bottom boat, and an amazing snorkeling session to observe the extraordinary underwater life. In the afternoon, we visited Puerto Egas. We observed the most amazing landscapes and wildlife during a walk along the rocky, sandy shore. Some guests remained on the beach to snorkel and photograph wildlife.