We began our day with an early walk along Espumilla Beach, one of the most important sea turtle nesting sites in the archipelago. As we got closer to the landing site, the tracks of these wonderful animals were visible. This is mating season for Pacific green sea turtles, and we spotted a large group swimming in the shallow water. In this area, it is common to find juvenile Galapagos hawks perched on branches in the mangrove, and today was no exception.

Later in the morning, we got ready to start water activities in Buccaneer Cove. We explored the magnificent coastline on kayaks and paddleboards. Amazing rock formations and the incredible fauna and flora made our exploration even more exciting. Soon it was time to join the marine life in the underwater realm. We geared up with masks and snorkels and headed off to explore. We found so much life along the coastline, including different species of fish in impressive numbers. Once again, we swam with our entertaining and amusing friends, whitetip reef sharks.

After the captain moved the ship to a different position in the afternoon, we enjoyed more activities. Some guests took a very nice walk to the grottos, beautiful rock formations on the coast. This place is home to Galapagos fur seals, one of the species of sea lions in the Galapagos. With big, puppy-like eyes and very furry bodies, these animals are half the size of Galapagos sea lions. According to the guests, they are the cutest species of sea lion. To finish the day, we walked along the beach during sunset and took in the amazing colors as we made our way back to our home, National Geographic Endeavour II.