This morning, we woke up on the northwestern side of Santa Cruz Island. We came here to look for dragons. Galapagos land iguanas use this part of the island for nesting, and it is currently mating season. We explored Dragon Hill and spotted iguanas next to their nests. Some of them seemed to be protecting their burrows and were there for sunlight. The area was overcast, which was refreshing during the hot season. The landscape has drastically changed, and we experienced the green vegetation that only happens during this season of rainfall. Everything looked full of life. The insects were active, and we observed lots of different land birds that take advantage of the freshwater as they begin mating and nesting.

After the hike, we came back on board the ship and prepared for a snorkel outing along Guy Fawkes Islet. We swam along the deep wall and experienced the world of invertebrates. The area offers a beautiful underwater ecosystem full of tiny sea life. It actually looks like a well-maintained sea garden with different types of corals, sponges, fish, etc. We also saw a big octopus, large red spiny lobsters, some spotted eagle rays, and, of course, the always welcome Galapagos sea lions.

We enjoyed a delicious Ecuadorian lunch. Our country was well represented in the different dishes. Guests were amazed by the variety of food we produce.

The afternoon was busy with different kayaking and paddleboarding excursions. We enjoyed Zodiac tours around Borrero Bay, a wonderful mangrove where we observed dozens of baby blacktip sharks. We were so lucky to be surrounded by them.

At the end of the day, the Hotel Department offered a wine tasting event. We all hung out on the observation deck. We celebrated our great day and made new friends. We enjoyed a Latin dance with the staff, and a double rainbow appeared over Daphne Minor Islet. This amazing day ended with a smile on our faces.