We woke up to news of an eruption. It started last night in the southeastern flank of Volcan Wolf, along the western realm of the Galapagos. Just a few days ago, we enjoyed the company of killer whales in the same area.

On January 2, we made it to Fernandina, the youngest island of the Galapagos. We landed on a lava flow from the 1800s. To complete our time travel, today we visited one of the oldest islands of the archipelago, San Cristobal. In only seven days, we sailed close to 400 nautical miles and traveled from 50,000 to 4 million years in geological time. We interacted with species found nowhere else on the planet. Today’s new species was the red-footed booby, the only one with prehensile feet of the three species of Sulidae in the Galapagos.

We climbed the brown hills of Punta Pitt, a point formed by tuff volcanoes. Sparse vegetation covers the barren formations, only red Sesuvium and a few light green Nolana.

We enjoyed the fresh seas today. Guests had fun sightseeing from Zodiacs and glass-bottom boats. Who knows? Maybe tonight we will get to enjoy the glare of an eruption.