Today is our last day in paradise. We have been traveling and reaching the most distant places in the archipelago, from the youngest to the oldest islands. Certainly, this has been an expedition discovering the magic of the enchanted islands through time.

Today we disembark on Punta Pitt; this beach is made of olivine, incredibly soft green sand, which is the result of eroded particles of the hardest crystals and minerals. The sparkling crystals seemed to be the result of a fairy flying around here. It was completely surreal.

The place is surrounded by volcanic ash or tuff formations. As we walked up throughout the canyon (created by one volcanic event), we searched for red-footed boobies. These birds are facing the difficult conditions of the season where they patiently take care of the single chick in their nests. We found one fully grown adult with red feet that had to be photographed.

Back on the beach, sea lions were playing all around our young Global Explorers, who were snorkeling or building sandcastles. In the afternoon, Cerro Brujo was just the best way to end the trekking on this island. The white coralline sandy beach and the sea lions said goodbye to us in the most relaxing and beautiful way possible.