We spent out last full day in Galapagos on San Cristobal Island, before arriving to port for a well-deserved departure cocktail. After a whole week of exploring, learning and many memories of joy, our dear guests are happy and ready to share with the world that Galapagos is a wonderful destination for travel.

In the morning, we disembarked with a mission in mind, to look for red-footed boobies. To our surprise, not only does this visitor site have them, but so many other species of sea birds as well! San Cristobal also has some endemic plants and animals, such as the San Cristobal mockingbird, San Cristobal lava lizard, and San Cristobal daisy.

For the afternoon, we had a white sandy beach to enjoy, and time to digest every moment lived in the Galapagos enchanted archipelago.